This tutorial will explain how to get test Ethereum for the Snowflake dAppstore in less than five minutes.
You need test ETH to test your dApps on one of Ethereum’s test networks without using real ETH.
dApps and smart contracts will still have their respective transaction costs, but it won’t cost real money.
Getting test Ethereum is a relatively quick process so let’s get started.
You need MetaMask and a Twitter or Facebook account for this tutorial.

Select Test Network:

Ethereum has many test networks, the dApp Store uses the “Rinkeby” network.
Anytime we interact with the dApp Store, we will use this network.
Open the MetaMask extension in your browser. Click the networks tab. Select “Rinkeby”.

Go To ETH Faucet:

A faucet in the crypto space, is a way to get free tokens, that can “drip” out.
Usually there are some parameters around how often you can get faucet tokens.
Usually, throttled to a time frame – for instance, once every 3 days. You can access the Ethereum Rinkeby faucet here.
Open up the page and set it aside for the time being.

Grab Deposit Address:

Now we need to tell the faucet where to send your free ETH tokens. Open up MetaMask, hover over your address and click copy.

Request ETH from Faucet:

There are two main ways to do this.
To prevent spam and malicious intent,
Ethereum allows you to get test ETH by making either a Tweet on Twitter, or a Post on Facebook.
Simply make a Tweet with your deposit address on Twitter.

Get Funded:

Go to your Tweets actual URL. You can grab the URL by clicking on the tweet and having it open up as a stand alone Tweet. Now paste it on the faucet page.
Before clicking the button, use the dropdown to determine how much ETH you would like, and when the next time you can request.
For instance the smaller the ETH amount, the more frequent you can request.

After Clicking:

Next Open up MetaMask to see your new test Ethereum!


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