Snowflake is an identity protocol designed to protect private data from identity theft on the blockchain by providing a major barrier to identity theft attempts. Let us break it down for you.
Just as we have real-world means of identifications like drivers licenses, passports, access badges, etc. We believe that we should be able to replicate this when it comes to the digital world.
Identity management is still a major issue in the world today with cases of identity theft increasing every other day. Many people had their identities stolen and used to commit fraud and other bad practices due to the fact there is still a gap when it comes to digital identification and we believe blockchain provides a way out of this particular problem.
Hence, why we decided to build up our decentralized digital identity protocol; called “Snowflakes” Snowflake builds an extensible identity following the ERC 1484 digital identity standard.
Each end-user of a snowflake-powered application is minted a globally unique Ethereum Identification Number which connects to all of their owned Ethereum addresses and ties the user to arbitrarily formatted data.
Snowflake handles the complexities of identity management -trustlessly connecting to new user devices, allowing applications to pay gas costs on behalf of the user, and allowing a user to interact with multiple applications and instances of identity with a common user experience.
In essence, snowflakes creates a digital identity for you on the Hydro blockchain which is immutable and secure. This digital identity can be connected to your wallets and other accounts supported by the Hydro blockchain thereby allowing you to make transactions with your highly secured identity.

How can I create a snowflake identity?

Open the dApp store, First you will need to obtain ETH and HYDRO(Link on how to obtain), Once you have obtained ETH and HYDRO, You will need to generate a HydroID drive, After claiming a Hydro ID, you will observe tabs to manage dApps (Resolvers), manage addresses, and deposit and withdraw tokens from your Snowflake Identity Token.
You will observe both the ETH and HYDRO balances in your wallet as well as the HYDRO balance in your Snowflake Identity Token. -Pic example -At this point, you can view all dApps built into the dAppstore, add or remove them from your dashboard, add or remove addresses from which you want to access your dashboard, and deposit and withdraw HYDRO into your Snowflake Identity Token. Voila, you’ve just created your highly secured digital identity on Hydro Snowflake Dapp. Keep an eye out on more tutorials on how to navigate through the Snowflake Dapp.

Take care now!

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