We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with TUSC Network. The goal of The Universal Settlement Coin (TUSC) is to create a cryptocurrency that can serve as a viable alternative payment solution for industries that have challenges with traditional banking.

TUSC plans to offer integration into a wide range of existing payment gateways, beginning with popular open-source internet payment gateways, and adding additional integrations over time, including other e-commerce gateways, and popular brick and mortar retail point of sale systems.

This partnership with TUSC is about to provide them with the necessary infrastructure for their network — A secure wallet, we will integrate them into our upcoming Hydro Wallet. At some point, their users will be allowed to stake their TUSC tokens in our wallet, as well as we will also have cross-chain functionality for all our smart-contracts with TUSC so that users can take microloans, do decentralized payment plans, etc.

That means TUSC Community/Users & Clients will use theHydro Wallet to pay for their products & services with TUSC so we can expect a heavy influx of users when TUSC becomes more successful and used within their targeted markets such as the Weapon industry in the United States.

About TUSC Network:
is a decentralized, nonICO, community-driven, delegated proof of stake (DPOS) cryptocurrency project built on a public blockchain with on-chain governance. TUSC is focused on gaining mass adoption through outreach and marketing to retailers in industries with recognized problems with traditional banking and payment processing.

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