Here’s something cool for the Gamers!

To grow Hydro and it’s ecosystem, we are doing a lot of things in 2020-2021, like staking, borrowing/lending to create movement and flow of HYDRO between users. Hydro tokens move in between developers, business integrators & end consumers.

“Creating a robust ecosystem with supply & demand dynamics and market forces.”

We are sponsoring the Crypto Slicer Tournament 4 which will commence on 15th November, 2020, so everyone can play and stand a chance to win HYDRO Tokens.

Crypto Slicer is a knife hitting game from SparkPoint and uses a Blockchain-based rewards system to reward their users. Timing and precision are the secrets of the game. Hit the moons to get more points. Use these moon points to buy unique knives of your choice. Knives will help you beat unique coin bosses to whom you have to fight with every 5 stages.

So don’t miss out on the chance to win some hydro tokens while playing the Crypto Slicer game. Download now from the Play Store:

About SparkPoint:

SparkPoint‘s vision is to revolutionize digital payments through cryptocurrency and show that the flexibility and usefulness of blockchain technology remains the same. They have implemented it in their services which includes a. cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in decentralized exchange, referral marketing platform, and games

About us:

Project Hydro is an open-source and decentralized ecosystem built on top of Ethereum. This ecosystem uses cutting-edge cryptography technology to secure user identities, accounts, and transactions. The hydro project aims to usher in a new global decentralized economy built on top of its revolutionary set of Hydro protocols.

Hydro allows private organizations to harness the power of a public blockchain for functional use cases surrounding identity management, application security, transaction processing, document management, and artificial intelligence.

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