We are a fully open source project and our long-term vision for Project Hydro is to be completely decentralized in all aspects driven by the community for the community.

To encourage the development of the Hydro ecosystem, Project Hydro will provide a grant to Bloceducare. They will sign a contract of development and perform development services for Project Hydro, and this grant will be paid in Hydro tokens.

Bloceducare will develop a number of products/dApps on top of Hydro protocols. They will be helping the Hydro Foundation team as well in development. The products that Bloceducare will build ranges from social media, messaging, DeFi, open payments, e-commerce, authentication, to utilities.

The Hydro team is giving this grant in order to help focus and promote development that’s essential for the growth and progress of project Hydro. This includes development of the open-source Hydro protocols, decentralized applications, libraries, and other codebases.

Development services fall under two broad categories: project development and ecosystem development.

  1. Project development: includes tasks that will expand the Hydro technology internally (i.e., tasks which further develop the core Hydro code), or externally (i.e., tasks which extend or implement Hydro code).
  2. Ecosystem development: includes tasks that create long-term sustainability of the HYDRO token and Hydro ecosystem through decentralization, community development, marketing, and cost sharing.

About Bloceducare:

Bloceducare was launched to advance blockchain technology, education and community. Bloceducare has facilitated the creation of various projects to ensure blockchain developments, projects such as Web3Bridge, the Bloceducare dev shop, community management training and onboarding 

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