Project Hydro is glad to announce a new partnership with Emedchain. Emedchain is a reliable, secure, and smart online pharmacy management software for smart pharmacy business. 

Emedchain is building a product on top of Hydro, and it will be a real-life use case of the Hydro. This product will be made on top of 3 Hydro Protocols: Snowflake, Raindrop, and Ice. It will be used by Medicals, Labs, and Doctors.

Working of Emedchain on top of Hydro:

  1. Hydro ID will be assigned to users by using the Snowflake protocol.
  2. User data will be stored using the Ice protocol.
  3. Securities will be provided using the Raindrop protocol.

Patients can interact with doctors, pharmacies, labs, or consultants using Emedchain service, which is backed by Hydro tokens. The patient’s whole medical history records like diseases, vaccines, diagnoses, treatments, allergies, laboratory, or test results will be stored using Ice protocol.

What Emedchain offer?

Emedchain offers both B2B and B2C software services. This platform maintains a pharmaceutical portfolio that is available to the public pharmacies worldwide. Emedchain helps buyers and sellers of medical products by offering them information about the accessibility of medicines and other healthcare products in real-time.

B2C pharmaceutical e-commerce is a kind of business activity related to pharmacies that depend on network technology between online pharmacies and customers.

End product of B2B

End product is to make the channel between B2B frictionless.

End product of B2C

End product of B2C is to make patient data more secure and custodial:

Type of users

Below are 3 types of users for the software:

Architecture of Emedchain on Hydro Blockchain

Current features

Below are various features currently available:

Actively in development

Below are various features currently in active development. Will be available by mid Dec:

Road map

Below are various features currently in active development. Will be available by Q1 2021:

About Emedchain:

Emedchain is an online pharmacy retail management software. Their goal is to provide a product for emerging countries, easy to use software, loyalty program and discount coupon. Emedchain has many great features like efficient inventory & stock Management, Secure the Data, expiry date management, etc. Currently they are running the pilot in Hyderabad, India with numbers of pharmacies.

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