Partnership between Project Hydro & SparkPoint

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with SparkPoint. SparkPoint was founded in 2018 with aims to fast track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Hydro protocols bring innovative and scalable smart contract applications to life. SparkPoint will be integrating Hydro Protocols such as Raindrop & Snowflake on their services. This Hydro Protocol integration partnership is an on-going process and deep collaboration that will be extended into the long-term. 

SparkPoint’s mission is to be a globally competitive project that focuses on financial inclusion by integrating blockchain technology and promoting financial literacy awareness to reinvent the world of digital payments.

Their Ecosystem contains Crypto Wallet, Blockchain Games, an E-Learning Platform, and Crypto Finance which includes many live Products and Services like SparkPoint Wallet, SparkPlay, SparkLearn, and SparkDeFi.

About SparkPoint:
‘s vision to revolutionize digital payments through cryptocurrency and show the flexibility and usefulness of blockchain technology remain the same. They have implemented it in their services which include a cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in decentralized exchange, referral marketing platform, and games.

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