Yay! We’re glad to announce the completion of Phase-1 and Phase-2 HYDRO token redistribution.

As per our recent announcement, we’re going to redistribute the new token in 3 phases. In Phase-1, we’ve redistributed new BEP20 Hydro tokens to all private wallet holders on their personal wallet. In Phase-2, we’ve redistributed new BEP20 Hydro tokens & ERC20 Hydro tokens to CoinEx, and they also have redistributed it to their users as well. 

Redistribution details:

Phase-1 : To Private Wallet Holders

Phase-2 : To CoinEx- ERC20, BEP20

Regarding Phase-3 redistribution, we have already contacted every exchange on which Hydro’s trading to support this redeployment process. Currently some exchanges are in process to implement it, and some have terminated deposits and withdrawal for now. We are trying to be transparent as much as we can, and we will in future for sure. So whenever we get any updates from them, we will inform you guys!


And one more thing we love to share with our community.

“In celebration of this great activity and continuation of the rebranding process, we are happy to release our new website.”

Please take a look at it, we’ve changed the whole theme of Hydro from Blue to Gray color. New website now represents our rebranded Hydro ecosystem, containing 3 layer solutions. Layer 3 (dApps and Solution) > Layer 2 (Hydro Protocols) > Layer 1 (Multi Chain).

Please spread this joy to the world. 😀

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