Hello everyone, it’s time for another Development Update. During the 2nd week of July, we published the article which contains all of the updates from June month. You guys can check it out, if you haven’t already. 

Before we move forward with development updates. We would like to formally introduce our new team members,

Yash Srivastava, is joining us from India. He  completed his Bachelor of Science and at the moment pursuing Marketing and Business degree. He will be joining us as a Marketing Intern.

Bogdan Pavlyuchenkov, is joining us from Ukraine. He completed his Studies in Associate of Bachelor Science in Computing and Mathematics, as well as Bachelor of Science with the principal studies of Game development and designing. He has 3 years of experience in Short Flash story game, tweaking with DirectX rendering, action game, development and overhauling of wc3 map, as well as UE4, C++, BluePrints, Python, JavaScript, Lua, HTML, Unity, Windows, Mac OS, VS, Tortoise SVN and many more. He will be joining us as a Game designer. We are sure that we will see some amazing work and creative initiatives from both new team members. 

Also, to further expand our team and reach, we are performing interviews to hire business development managers, marketing team members, marketing firms and support team for our social media platforms. If anyone is interested they can send us their resume on [email protected].

Now that other updates are out of the way, let’s start with the development updates.

Hydro Swap

The architecture for the Initial DEX Offering of the NFTs of our upcoming game has been updated and will now require you to stake Hydro in order to access the initial Airdrops of NFTs. Droplets will be used as the main reward in the liquidity farming contracts that will be deployed in the v2 update along with UI upgrades that we have been working on.

We have progressed onto a new initiative which allows users to stake one kind of token to earn different kinds of tokens. The pairs which are available for being staked and earned will be made available when the frontend is also ready. For this update, we are happy to share that the blockchain implementation of this initiative has been completed.

Aegir Wallet

We are working on implementing the redesign of Aegir Wallet. There has been an addition of a new UI element that lets users track the dollar value of their holdings in the wallet which will allow for easier monetary tracking.

Logos and icons have gotten a revision with crystal clear ones that scale properly while some other bugs have been squashed due to the efforts of the internal testing team. We are also working on providing notifications for incoming transactions which will be featured in a future update.

Hydro Lottery dApp

Our team was hard at work during the last few weeks with optimizing the semi-fungible tickets within the Lottery dApp to support a maximum amount of randomization. This has been further aggregated by reducing the code clutter within the smart contract to optimize the gas used in minting lottery tickets which has proven successful on several Testnet so far.

We are gearing up for a Mainnet release, some internal as well as external audits of the contracts will  be performed during the next couple of weeks.

Snowflake dApp Store

We were facing some internal bugs with the latest version of the dApp store(new UI). We are performing internal testing to make it run smoother again. Once that is finished, We will deploy it on the Mainnet.

In the meantime we have redeployed the old version dApp store (old UI), to make it fully functional on the BSC Mainnet.

As we shared in our last update, we are also working on our new unified Roadmap. It is taking a bit longer than expected as we want to make sure we can deliver what we commit. So please keep an eye out for updates regarding it.

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