Hello Hybros, here we come with October month’s Development Update. If you haven’t read the previous month’s update yet, please read it from here.

For our Multi-Chain platform plan, now we are exploring a new Blockchain called Velas. Velas is the fork of Solana with embedded EVM integration. It is the fastest EVM chain which provides a scalable solution for dApps with up to 50k TPS. Supports all Smart Contracts of Ethereum blockchain with instant and low-cost transaction fees.

As decided, we are publishing the codes into our GitHub Repository, so you can check it out by yourselves. There can be a delay before we push code to the repository, because in between if some bugs or mistakes are found in the code, then we will rectify it first then upload it to the Repo.

Team Expansion

We are interviewing many candidates, and recently chose 1 candidate for our Marketing Representative position, and if everything will go as planned, she will join the team soon. We are also looking out for Marketing firms or agencies to broaden Hydro’s scope.

Aegir Wallet

The team was working on implementing NFTs (ERC-721) support. For that screens are already prepared and added on the app, only logic behind them is pending. For this NFT feature, users can add or transfer the NFTs which are owned by them. Meaning whatever NFTs held in that particular wallet can be accessed.

For the Contact Book, everything is completed like naming the contact with a specific wallet address, work is ongoing for just how to securely store it on the user’s device. Contact management is placed under the Setting screen, from there users can add or edit the contact. In later versions, while sending the transaction, contacts can be directly accessed to use the saved wallet addresses. Also there will be a possibility to add a new contact just by scanning the QR Code of the supported wallet.

For the next release, the team will work on implementing the remaining Settings and Web browser, so the user can open various links directly within the app. Functionality of viewing the history in the web browser is already implemented but works going on to implement it in other similar areas. This dApp Browser will support the using of various dApps as well, so users can interact with it directly within the Aegir Wallet.

Aegir Wallet will be gonna support ERC-1155 tokens as well. ERC-1155 is similar to ERC-721 like dual purpose fungible and non fungible token. It helps to tokenize things like common gaming skins and other commoditized items.

Hydro Lottery dApp

As we said in our last update, front-end design and web3 implementation of Hydro Lottery dApp is going on. So now the testnet version is ready and we are testing it as well, so far all the things are smooth. Here we have attached a gif of this dApp, so you guys can get an idea of it.

HydroSwap V2

HydroSwap V2 will have a nice and beautiful user interface. The development with Smart Contracts upgradation is already completed, but it will take some time to release it because testing of Mainnet is going on and we don’t want to release it with any bugs.

So as soon as Mainnet testing will be completed and Smart Contract being audited, we will publish the code on our GitHub, and then it will be released to the public.

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