Hello Hybros, here we came with the 2nd Dev Update of 2022 which includes impressive recent updates. And if you haven’t read our last month’s update yet, I would suggest to read it first from here.

Ok, now let us start with this month’s development update.

Aegir Wallet

Aegir Wallet supports NFTs but only on Ethereum network, but now we have added another blockchain into this list. Wallet now supports NFTs on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) as well. This version is not available on the Play Store yet, but it will be uploaded soon.

iOS version of Aegir Wallet updating with new features and the fixes. The TestFlight version is already available and we are updating it with the latest one. It will be available on the App Store as soon as Apple completes the reviewing process of our developer account and other things of US export laws and signing the certificate.

Polygon Deployment

As we have said in our earlier development updates that we are going to deploy Hydro token on Polygon. So right now, the deployment process on rinkeby & testnet is going on and testing of minting & getTokens functionalities as well. So, when everything goes well, it will be deployed on the mainnet version of Polygon.

HydroSwap V2

For HydroSwap V2, deployment of contracts like staking, liquidity pools and droplet tokens are still in progress. There is a little work ongoing for the selection menu of the HydroBridge which we are trying to keep simple and easy to navigate.

We are also discussing the marketing strategy to consider for the V2 launch.


Developers building and running Frontend of the HydroBridge with the Backend. Also doing final testing of the HydroBridge before deploying on the Polygon Mainnet. Doing migration of HydroBridge code to TypeScript and pushed few changes which were found after the testing.

Implemented code for connecting HydroBridge with Polygon Network using MetaMask wallet, and if network does not exist already then it will prompt to add it first and then connect with it. It also displays the current Hydro balance from the MetaMask.


  1. UI: Currently continuously working on KeresVerse UI and preparing the general description for the introduction UI. For the Lore part, it is near to completion and will be finished soon. Also preparing the KeresVerse website for the Pitch Deck, onboarding screens and menu. New UI/UX developers refactoring these onboarding screens.
  2. Whitepaper: Work of preparing the KeresVerse’s Blackbook is going on speedily. Yes, you heard it right, we’re calling it Blackbook instead of Whitepaper.
  3. Game Demo: Planning a demo of the UE4 (Ultra Engine) version using EOS. Also prepared and evaluated a launchable version of UE4 game for mac. Developers are making templates of team deathmatch as well. It is a FPS game, so there must be a person or the character in the game, so we are adding the characters as well. 
  4. Pitch: We are working on preliminary mock-ups for the KeresVerse lore-based pitch deck which helps to attract investors & venture capitals. Later, it will be placed on the Website itself for public visibility.

Apart from above updates, there are few other things on which teams have worked on or still working, like,

And please don’t forget to watch our latest podcast video which is based on this Dev Update, and we’ve also showcased a short gameplay of the KeresGame that we are working on.

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