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At Hydro, we understand that “Code is Law” and Law should be impenetrable. That’s why we conduct Smart Contract Security Audits before they even make it off the Testnet. You can find all the audit reports for different phases of Hydro below.

Hydro Main Contract

We got a perfect score

Hydro is an open source blockchain project comprising of multiple smart contracts (protocols) and a dApp store, all powered by the HYDRO token. It is free for businesses to implement and free for consumers to use.

Raindrop Smart Contract

MFA which Withstands Scrutiny

Raindrop is an authentication protocol which vastly improves upon current 2FA standards with decentralized public blockchain security for logins, authentication and more. Simply put, It enhances off-chain authentication protocols by incorporating blockchain to thwart system breaches and data compromises.

ERC-1484 Contract Audit

Auditors Impressed!

ERC-1484  is a protocol for aggregating digital identity information that’s broadly interoperable with existing, proposed, and hypothetical future digital identity standards.

Snowflake Smart Contract

Ready for Mainnet!

Snowflake is an identity protocol designed to protect private data from identity theft. Storing a unique and Immutable ‘Digital Fingerprint’ on the blockchain, will frustrate hackers, and provide a major barrier to identity theft attempts. Snowflake is built on top of ERC-1484.

Ice Smart Contract

Phase Pending

Ice is a document signing and verification protocol which will allow users to stamp, authenticate, verify and seal any document or contract that is sent. Ice brings a unique solution where you’ll be able to stamp documents on-chain as well as sign documents.

Tide Smart Contract

Phase Pending

Tide allows payments to be connected to an on-chain identity. This means you can power one-time payments, subscriptions, escrow payments, charge interest, and many more things in a secure and scalable fashion.

Hail Smart Contract

Phase Pending

Hail is all about the creation of standardized security tokens that can be issued, bought/sold, validated, transferred, paid as dividends, and destroyed. The above phases of Hydro enables the complete eco-system which is required to enable and provide a robust security tokenization implementation, covering all aspects of the tokenization process.

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