>>>A Look Inside Hydro Blockchain Ecosystem: A Model for Success
A Look Inside Hydro Blockchain Ecosystem: A Model for Success2019-05-02T14:26:00+00:00

Since our launch in Spring 2018, Hydro has been committed to blockchain products that really matter. We initially launched our first product called Raindrop as a blockchain based multi-factor authentication that rivals the highest competition in the space. After that, we have Snowflake, a blockchain identification system, along with the upcoming Tide, a crypto and blockchain payment app that streamlines the peer-to-peer crypto process.


We have many more products on the roadmap and we have done all this without the need to launch an ICO and in the heart of arguably the worst year for cryptocurrency and blockchain products in 2018. Hundreds of companies that raised an embarrassing amount of money failed to sustain enough to even keep the doors open. But we have succeeded without a single dollar raised – a hydrating relief that we are here to commit to great products.


Anatomy of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is the heart of the cryptocurrency and digital asset econosphere. With blockchain, we have discovered a plethora of possibilities on what we can do in the future for things like security, payments, records, data, and much more. The inherent features of blockchain can vary but typically include core features such as decentralization, encryption, and openness (by either open source or a public ledger to all participants, or both). If you want to learn more about blockchain in general, check out this guide.


So what does blockchain and Project Hydro have in common? Certainly, the products are made with blockchain technology. Yet what makes us unique and successful is how Project Hydro is modeled after the way blockchain ecosystem works.


Project Hydro and the Vision of Blockchain

One thing Project Hydro excels in is the example we give in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space by modeling our method of operation much like how blockchain technology is today.


Decentralization – just like blockchain technology, a key element in our operation is that we all do different things but are all on an equal footing. Each person and component of Project Hydro is just as important as the other, whether this is developing apps, articles and public relations, marketing, sales and more.

Encryption – we are secure by default, bringing you projects like Raindrop and ERC-1484 prove to you that we think about security naturally.

Openness – we are open source on our products and have a welcome stance to ask us any questions and showing you progress.


The Team Behind the Scenes

We have a globally distributed, agile framework loving team. Every member is as important as the next one, bringing the best quality possible. This allows us to work both independently and as a team to strive in all areas.


What kind of roles do we have?

  • Developers Blockchain ecosystem can’t be done without people coding the blockchain themselves! This team is hard at work behind the scenes brewing up the next great thing! You can learn more about development at Hydro through our HCDP Bounty Program 
  • Designers Just like Doc Brown from Back to the Future said “if you’re going to make something, why not do it in style!” Designers make everything look great!
  • Social Media/PR Working on the front lines, this team helps communicate directly with people like you to vocalize our roadmap! Writers! This team is committed to make sure everything is communicated the best way possible.
  • Business Development Developing awesome products but not sharing them in the market space would be a job half-done. Our Sales team works round the clock with global clients, partners, and exchanges, ensuring Hydro is on top of their radar.


Could You Be the Next Team Hydro Member?

We have a dedicated goal to bring you the best in blockchain with creativity, innovation, and security. We are always welcoming new members to help be part of this as well. Our Hydro Community Contributors is a special wall-of-fame dedicated to our amazing community members.

 If you like what Project Hydro is all about and believe you are a great fit, please apply at projecthydro.org or write to us at [email protected]

Hydro is now live on Coinplan

Hydro Community Content Initiative

Hydro Developer Update: 19/03/19

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