>>>Developer Update: August 12th 2019
Developer Update: August 12th 20192019-09-07T06:27:30+00:00

Happy Monday everyone! It has been a busy August so far at Hydro Labs and we wanted to give a few updates on our multiple streams of development.

First off, we launched our new product roadmap! If you have not seen it yet, check it out and let us know what you think. It touches on Hydro Pay, Vault, Drive and the dApp Store along with our core protocols. We are really digging the design as well. Under each product you can see the status of some key milestones all the way from development to mainnet launch.

On the community development side (HCDP), we received a deliverable for Hail – our tokenization smart contract and a major phase of the project. We have been working closely with the community team to iron out architecture and individual functional requirements. Next phase is to comb through the code, make any final tweaks and get it under audit. On the Github repo – you can take a look at the thorough documentation the team has created for the code base. We are quite excited for this next phase.

On the product side we have Hydro Pay, which is our p2p and remittance app for Android and iOS (coming soon). The team has been working hard to send out the first wave of Top Ups and will have an automated feature set built into the next release. Along with Top Up, features merging remittance based features from Hydro X and team sprints are currently well underway and will have lots of exciting details as that develops – kudos to the team.

The dApp store is one step closer to mainnet! We finished internal QA and have a couple little bugs to squash, which we are currently wrapping up and are pushing through our final sprint for mainnet. We are also working on various partner relationships for making it easier for developers to integrate resources into their dApps – stay tuned for more on that front.

Hydro Vault is currently underway in its requirements building and architecture phases and will have more to come in future updates. 

There are a lot of parallel streams of work currently taking place and we are very excited to see things taking shape. As more code becomes available, where able, we will post it to our community GitHub page for all to pick apart. 

See you on Telegram and Discord!

Happy building

Timothy Allard
HCDP and Development Lead

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