>>>Developer Update: August 26th 2019
Developer Update: August 26th 20192019-09-07T06:24:07+00:00

Happy Monday! Here at Hydro Labs, we love Mondays, because that’s when our developer updates come out! We had quite a few important developments since the last update so let us get right into it.

First off, an update on Hydro Pay, our P2P payments app for Android and iOS. After a few weeks of development and testing, we are happy to announce automatic Top-Up is in its final phase of development – after the update goes through, you will see some new UI and functionality. There are a few moving pieces here, the actual back end development of the app itself which is complete and other related meta-transaction services which is getting wrapped up. What will this mean? It means we will no longer have to go through a manual process and longer wait period for topping up your balance in the app. This will allow the ability to make sure you always have a balance in your account to send to your contacts. We are also lifting some restrictions on bootloader and rooted devices. Our development and QA team has been hard at work getting this out, so a big shout out to the Hydro development team.

In other HydroPay news, you might have noticed Hydro Pay has its first official partner, Liquid. We are excited to collaborate with Liquid to make Hydro Pay the best application out there in crypto payments.

We have some broader development team updates as well, we welcomed to the team two new blockchain developers expanding Hydros in-house portfolio of talent. Oluwafemi Akinde from Nigeria and Vijay Sharma from India – both bringing their individual expertise to the Hydro development team so let’s give them a warm welcome. 

Next up is Discord! We haven’t really talked about Discord in our development updates, but we hope you would check it out. It’s where the devs hang out. We have spent some time redesigning its structure and channels to be a better resource for us and the community’s needs. There are new channels for talking Hydro development, channels for showcasing the project you are working on, channels for learning and more. Please stop in and say hello.

In our HCDP (Hydro Community Development Program – a program where you can earn Hydro for building on our platform) we have a meeting this week on handing off Hail, our security token smart contract and core phase of our protocol, completed by the community! We are have been collaborating very closely with ethernity.live for the past few months and can’t wait to get this live.

The dApp store is currently living on its new url and lined up for production deployment after the final sprint is complete, which we should hear more about in our next update. Our solutions team is also working hard to get new dApps built and integrated for all to use on the open-source, community built platform.

In addition to all of this, we have development movement with HydroX, Ice and Vault which can be talked about in deeper detail in our next update. In the meantime if you have any questions for us, please reach out on Telegram and Discord, we are happy to chat.

Timothy Allard
HCDP & Development Lead

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