>>>Developer Update: October 2nd 2019
Developer Update: October 2nd 20192019-10-08T07:59:21+00:00

The Hydro dApp Store is officially under open community beta testing! It is currently live on the Rinkeby testnet  where you can click around – and if you are a developer, you can start building. We have received great feedback over the past few days and encourage the dialog. 

In addition to coding the next set of store enhancements – we have been building a growing list of official 3rd party partners. These partners are listed in the Submit a dApp page and highlight API’s, SDK’s, modular code or integrations that developers can use to get their ideas to life. 

A new way we are making it easier for community developers to start building is through code snippets. We integrated a quick easy way for developers to access common code that is necessary for most dApps, see below:

Hail, our security token smart contract is continuing to apply a couple audit recommendations to its codebase and will be going into mainnet in October. 

Vault, our advanced secure storage solution for digital assets is making great progress. I got a look at how the UI is progressing and it is taking shape nicely. It is using ReactJS and Web3 in its implementation.

Hydro Pay, our feeless peer-to-peer app is continuing to go through needed enhancements for its backend architecture and will keep you in the loop as it makes it way to production. We are having daily, sprint and integration meetings to get an updated codebase to the stores.

Timothy Allard  / HCDP & Development Lead

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