>>>Developer Update: September 23rd 2019
Developer Update: September 23rd 20192019-09-23T18:46:25+00:00

It has been a busy week at Hydro Labs across our development teams and we have some important updates to run through.

First off, The dApp Store will be officially open for Beta testing on Wednesday September 25th! We are excited to give you all the ability to start testing and giving us your feedback. Over the course of the past few months we have been hard at work making the Hydro dApp Store a scalable open platform for developers to develop and consumers to consume. The store has gone through a complete facelift and re-architecture. We have also brought in some dApp Store specific partners who run projects in the blockchain space that you might already be familiar with. More of this and our new relationships to come on Wednesday.

An important part of the Hydro Store is the developer tools section where you can find some tutorials and walk through demos. What is a store without dApps right? You will find new developer tools appear over the next few months. Please keep in mind, this is a beta launch, so if you find any issues along the way you can log them here: dApp Store Feedback. If submitting any feedback, please be as clear and specific as possible notating the location and desktop browser you are using.

We also encourage you to read “The Anatomy of the Hydro dApp Store” if you haven’t yet. It discusses behind the scenes architecture and methodologies of how we got from point a to point b.

Next up, the Hydro Labs development team is growing! We are excited to welcome John Dutchak as a Senior Blockchain Engineer to our growing talent at Hydro Labs. John has extensive knowledge in the blockchain architecting space and we looking forward to his contributions.

Hail, our security token smart contract is in the security audit phase. We completed our initial security audit for the collection of smart contracts on Friday and proposed some minor adjustments to the community development team. We all jumped on a hangout to do a walkthrough of the audit and collaborated on next steps. The initial review had some important gas-saving enhancements which optimized some function calls and mappings in the smart contract. Once a few tweaks are made, this will be going to mainnet with a target in early to mid October.

Vault, our advanced secure storage solution for digital assets is well underway in development! I got a look at progress so far and the front end UI is being hooked up and coming to life as we speak. 

Hydro Pay, our feeless peer-to-peer app is continuing to go through needed enhancements for its backend architecture and will keep you in the loop as it makes it way to production. 

And now for some fun…

Hydro Labs experiment time! Over the weekend I was working on a little side project. I wanted to find a way to visualize all of the code repositories for a decentralized project over a period of time. This experiment idea came directly from community feedback telling us how Hydro development activity is challenging to see by looking at our official code repository alone. The dev team usually articulates development activity for the week with a blog post summary. This week we wanted to try something a bit more engaging. Take a look here and let me know your feedback: “Visualizing A Decentralized Blockchain Projects Code Activity.

We hope this gives you insight into the concurrent streams of development work happening at Hydro Labs. As always, you can reach out to myself or others on the team on Telegram or or other social channels. Happy building!

Timothy Allard  / HCDP & Development Lead

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