>>>Developer Update: September 3rd 2019
Developer Update: September 3rd 20192019-09-03T16:32:21+00:00

Welcome to this weeks developer update for Hydro Labs! We have had many new developments across our products this week, so here we go.

Hydro Vault, our secure and robust wallet application with built-in Raindrop 2FA is officially under development! Added phishing protection plus custom security features will make this decentralized wallet the most innovative in the space. Users will be able to store large amounts of crypto-currency protected by advanced security features in the Hydro smart contracts. Once a user creates their account, configures their security, and chooses their currencies, they will be able to have piece of mind with Hydro Vault.

Hydro Pay, our peer to peer payments (P2P) application for Android and iOS, is wrapping up the meta-transactions server to process automatic top-ups and is a high priority for the team. 

HydroX, our global remittance application, currently being merged with Hydro Pay is in ongoing development. 

Ice, our secure document storage solution is in its development and documentation phase and in its initial state for moving to testnet. You will be hearing more about Hydro Ice in future updates.

Hail, our security token smart contract which is now complete from community developers, has been handed off and we are now in the security audit phase. Once the audit is complete, it will be moved to mainnet.

In broader team news, we are welcoming two new internal QA team members to join our growing development and quality control resources. This will allow us to continue to build with thoughtful, functional products.

Timothy Allard  / HCDP & Development Lead

Developer Update: August 12th 2019

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