>>>Developer Update: September 9th 2019
Developer Update: September 9th 20192019-09-09T18:12:29+00:00

Welcome to this weeks developer update for Hydro Labs! There is lots to talk about, so let’s get into it.

First off, you might have noticed a sneak peek – and beautiful design for our latest product called Vault. Vault’s vision is to become the world’s most advanced secure storage for digital assets. Vault will have added phishing protection plus custom security features that will make this decentralized wallet the most innovative in the space. Special attention to detail has been made with regards to its UI and UX. Not to mention, dark mode! You can read more about Vault’s hello world article here.

Security with Hydro and our products is extremely important to us. Ensuring proper security mechanisms, code standards, audits and oversight will be a backbone for the development process of the React and web3 powered experience. Development is currently underway with its environment and smart contracts and we look forward to keeping you in the loop with this one.

We are excited to announce the dApp Store is opening up its Beta testing to the broader community! Next week, our Telegram members will have access to a walkthrough video, showing the stores feature set – and a separate blog post which will outline how to access the marketplace to log any feedback. Make sure you are a member of our Telegram channel so you can have access to the link.

We have paid special attention to clean, efficient, reusable code to allow developers from around the world to start building their dApps. This open community beta will allow you to get your hands on the store and encourage the larger development community to get building with Snowflake and Hydro.

For any developers interested in getting their first project in the store, it uses things like ReactJs – a framework built on Javascript for its interface, CSS for styling, Material for UI and Solidity for its smart contracts. We built a platform to enable developers to develop using programming languages and frameworks hundreds of thousands of developers use every day.

Hydro Pay is actively going through a needed server migration to allow for efficiencies with meta transactions. This will allow a smoother transition for iOS. It is currently going through internal testing with the team and we will keep you updated on its deployment to the production environment. We have dedicated development teams and QA resources to get Hydro Pay buttoned up and out the door.

Ice, our file management protocol built with user Snowflake identity is in the process of moving to testnet. Once deployed, developers will be working on a JS library for integrations with their dApps and infrastructure.

Hail, our security token smart contract is in the security audit phase. Once the audit is complete, it will be moved to mainnet.

We hope this gives you insight into the concurrent streams of development work happening at Hydro Labs. As always, you can reach out to myself or others on the team on Telegram or or other social channels. Happy building!

Timothy Allard / HCDP & Development Lead

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