>>>Examining the everyday use of Hydro Pay: a sneak peek
Examining the everyday use of Hydro Pay: a sneak peek2019-07-05T12:15:56+00:00

The countdown clock is ticking and we have about three days to the initial launch of Hydro Pay the world’s first feeless, gasless, peer-to-peer (p2p) payment app built on ethereum. The app, which is scheduled to go live on 29th June 2019, has been designed by the team to cut across all social, educational, and geographical demographics . 

While the initial group of beta testers had the opportunity to test the app first hand, in this this post we will give the world a small look at the functionality of the app.

The Hydro Pay mobile app has been designed to be simple for the end user and, by removing the usual barriers associated with onboarding users and making transactions, the payments app will enable a whole new generation of cryptocurrency users. Soon anyone will be able to make small P2P payments between friends, as well as small business transactions at shops, local markets, restaurants and bars.

As well as sending payments via your contacts via a unique HydroID, the app also enables users to request payments from friends and contacts via SMS.

We hope you have enjoyed this small look at this ground breaking product.

The Project Hydro Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Hydro Labs Community Update: 29.08.19

Hydro is now part of Binance Info's transparency initiative

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