>>>Hydro and Hydro Labs Update: 22nd October 2019
Hydro and Hydro Labs Update: 22nd October 20192020-05-05T11:35:41+00:00

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed a few changes to our Twitter accounts. This has been done as an essential part of the expansion of the Hydro ecosystem and please don’t panic — nothing has actually changed in how we operate.

As you know the company Hydro Labs was created earlier this year to manage the Hydro ecosystem and, with the help of the community, this is something that we will continue to do going forward.

As well as managing the ecosystem as a whole Hydro Labs has put a significant amount of time and resources into developing and building Hydro-based products (Pay, Vault & Drive) as well as creating partnerships for these product lines.

Over time the lines between Hydro Labs products and the open source project have become blurred. The website and Twitter accounts have presented everything as rolled into one and this has been confusing for the community, partners, and Hydro investors.

Another drawback is that it has made it appear as if the open source project is centralised, with a single developer. It’s not. Anyone can build on the protocols and multiple developers are already doing so, including Hydro Labs, Hydrogen, individual developers, and more, and we want to make sure this is as clear as possible to other developers, companies, and projects.

This is why we can announce that we have launched* HydroLabs.org to clearly present the Hydro Labs product line.

With the Hydro Labs website launch we are removing the products from ProjectHydro.org which, going forward, will focus only on protocols and the dApp Store, as well as partner and exchange news.

Along with the websites, Hydro has been using two twitter accounts and this too has changed. To ensure clarity we now have a Hydro Labs account as well as a Project Hydro account. As the majority of tweets on @Hydroblockchain to date have been based on Hydro Labs products we have decided to convert this to the official @Hydro_Labs twitter. We haven’t lost @HydroBlockchain, instead we have converted @HydroAmbassador to @HydroBlockchain as the official Project Hydro account.

So what does this mean for tweets and blog posts? Well going forward @HydroBlockchain will tweet protocol, dApp Store, and exchange news as well as retweeting developer/partner news from the likes of @hydrogenapi and @Hydro_Labs.

@Hydro_Labs will tweet Hydro Labs product and partner news.

The blog at ProjectHydro.org will continue to post protocol, dApp Store, and exchange news while all Hydro Labs product and partner news will come from our company Medium account, medium.com/HydroLabs.

Telegram, reddit, and discord will not change and will continue to be Project Hydro and promote the entire ecosystem, including relevant Hydrogen and Hydro Labs news.

We understand that there may be some wariness and confusion but the team is not going anywhere and everything is running as it has for the past six months. This is a positive change, the ecosystem is expanding and this shows just how far the project has come in the past two years — we now have multiple major developers in the ecosystem.

As usual you can find us on telegram or discord if you have any questions.

The Hydro Labs team!

*the site is still undergoing some tweaks but we would love your feedback

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