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Hydro has been committed to bring simple but innovative protocols to the blockchain space. Part of this innovation has been to bring you our long awaited dApp Store. Two weeks ago, Tim Allard gave an important update that beta testing is now available to the Hydro Labs dApp Store for community members. Since then, the project has had an abundance of partnerships.

Here is the lineup of official partnerships to date:


The project of 3box is a decentralized cloud storage solution on the Ethereum network. This solution helps your data to be safer and more secure, in addition to being lighter and more private. 3box has become a partner with Hydro on the dApp store, where more information can be found on their website.


Presented as a “Decentralized Exchange Liquidity on Autopilot”, Totle is a set of robust token swap APIs that allow ERC20 tokens to be cashed in. Totle offers substantial liquidity to your token swaps, allows you to swap tokens in less steps than DEX, and even offers insurance if the swaps are unable to succeed due to a bug in the system.


The “API for the cryptocurrency economy”, Carbon, otherwise known as Carbon Money, is designed to be a one-stop “shop” for your cryptocurrency needs like buying and selling. Carbon supports your DeFi operations by supporting their API with exchange integrations for Binance, Huobi, and more. More information can be found on their website.


Temporal is an IPFS Platform for enterprises which allows them to store and manage large flows of data. Their API allows companies to scale efficiently and safely on the IPFS network, which gives quality to their clients’ needs. More information can be found here.


Dedicated to promoting blockchain usability around the globe, the MESG Foundation is a non-profit organization that created a SDK for easier access to blockchain services. Some of these services range from making your assets more secure on a blockchain network, sending messages, and integrating IoT technology on a blockchain. MESG has many more features on their website.


Colony is a modular and customizable application to create organizations on the internet. This organization is done exclusively by using smart contracts on the Ethereum network with features like ownership, structure, financial management, and more. Colony is also designed from the ground up to allow organizations to set up their own use cases and rules.


We have been committed to building out the dApp store as part of our commitment to bring better products and services. As you may have guessed, many of these partnerships are directly involved with DeFi, something we are holding strong to commit to in the future. Our dApp Store is one of a kind and with these partnerships, we are growing stronger together to support decentralized services to people and businesses alike.

Also, coming in the next month, we will be focusing on a blog series devoted to dApp Stores and more of what the Hydro  dApp Store is all about. What can you expect to see? We will dive into what is a dApp Store, how dApp Stores work under the hood, a specific showcasing of the Hydro  dApp Store, more partnerships, and how businesses and investors can partner with us as well.


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