>>>Hydro dApp Store Update: 25.11.19
Hydro dApp Store Update: 25.11.192020-05-05T11:35:19+00:00

Hello everyone, 

We thought that it’s about time we put out a little dApp Store update. 


First up is something that we know everyone has been eager to hear, the dApp Store has completed testing and are now at the stage where we can move to mainnet. 

The mainnet switch has been slightly delayed as, just before our mainnet launch, MetaMask announced that they are making some breaking changes. We may have been set back slightly but the announcement coming when it did was a good thing. Coming pre-launch gave us the opportunity to do our due diligence and ensure that we are prepared for when they get around rolling out the breaking changes in December. Otherwise it would have mean scrambling to release fixes just weeks after launch.

Whilst we are moving the store over to mainnet we must stress a few things. The Hydro dApp Store is an open source store that acts as a curator of dApps. Project Hydro, with the help of the community will maintain the source code for the store, but we are not responsible for individual dApps or forked dApp Stores. That means that it is up to each dApp developer to determine when the time is right to move their individual dApp from testnet to mainnet. Also if there are bugs found within the dApp or if you want to make enhancements, than it is up to the individual developer to make those adjustments.

The Tools

We have been getting some great feedback about the third-party partner resources and have actually had a few devs working on dApps as a result of the available tools – which is great for all parties and blockchain project interaction in general.

The Future

Whilst v1 is all about minimum viable product and educating developers, v2 will be more about user adoption and increased utility. As such the Hydro developer team and community members have been preparing some pretty neat v2 feature sets, including dedicated dApp landing pages and third-party tools showing in pop-ups.

We are also looking for some grant opportunities for accelerated development as the dApp Store has big potential to get accepted as long as we meet the checkboxes. This is good for a few reasons, it continues to encourage and involve the community, rewards real innovative open source development work, and can really get open source Hydro tech out there.

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