>>>Hydro Decentralisation Ambassador Profile: Javier Zafra
Hydro Decentralisation Ambassador Profile: Javier Zafra2019-02-12T13:50:58+00:00

Javier’s Background:

“I am a professional developer with over 15 years experience in the Healthcare sector. I have a strong interest in the blockchain and crypto world and have followed Hydro from its launch in early 2018. I learnt how to code smart contracts in Solidity from scratch before developing PetFriendResolver as a PoC for the Hydro Snowflake Dashboard.”

Javier’s Vision for Hydro:

“Hydro is a promising project, it has already produced a product and has a solid roadmap. As a decentralized project, the next few months will require a lot of work and cooperation from the Hydro community. As a DA my support will mainly be given in development and making educational content for the Hydro community.”

Please give Javier a warm welcome! You can find him on LinkedInMedium, and Twitter.

Join the DA Program

The DA program currently has the following governance structure.

  • Developer
  • UI/Graphic Designer
  • Social Media/Community Manager
  • Writer/Journalist/Blogger
  • Product Manager
  • Account Manager/Customer Success/Evangelist
  • Exchange representative

If you think you fit one, or more, of these roles we would love to hear from you. Please see the below link for details on how to apply.

Become a Hydro Decentralization Ambassador (DA)
In an effort to involve the global Hydrogen community in the ongoing decentralization and growth of the Hydro…medium.com



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