>>>Hydro: Developer Update 11.04.19
Hydro: Developer Update 11.04.192019-04-11T12:31:00+00:00

It has been another busy week in Hydro development with many moving pieces to the growing ecosystem.

Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP):

The Hail Security Token Smart Contract is in heads down development from our community developers. Ethernity.live is currently working through its core architecture setting the foundation and ironing out some of the core details of the contract.

We have the following bounties completed by developers in the community (Fantastic work devs!):

Invoicing Smart Contract: Ethereum smart contract built on top of Hydro Snowflake that allows a business to invoice another business or consumer for a specific amount, on a specified date, and in a certain amount of Hydro. – Worth 3,000,000 Hydro

Gift Cards Smart Contract: Allows a business to create gift cards for their services and for a user to redeem these gift cards, with unique characteristics. – Worth 3,000,000 Hydro

Randomized Lottery Dynamics: This lottery contract uses Hydro Snowflake Ids (EINs) for creating unique lotteries with rewards setup in HYDRO tokens instead of ETH. – Worth 3,000,000 Hydro

That was a total of 9,000,000 Hydro awarded!

We have the following bounties starting development for community developers that were assigned this week and completed smart contract code beginning audit from a 3rd parties as well.

A plugin for securing Shopify eCommerce stores with Hydro Raindrop: This will be a great addition to the family of live plugins we have securing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and OctoberCMS.

A Product Orders Smart Contract: This will allow business to create SKUs and inventory management on goods to be sold to customers.

A Social Media dApp Smart Contract: This smart contract can allow developers to build things like a credit scoring dApp, lending dApp, and other applications that require social data to make decisions.

Snowflake dApp Store:

The Snowflake dApp store is continuing to make great strides in its reskin (we hope you like the newly released screenshots) and hope to have an update on its release soon.



dApp Development:

Harsh has been working on a fantastic new page for projecthydro.org to highlight our developer community and our true Hydro development landscape. As developers and community members interact with the project, we want to get you represented in some way shape or form on the site a long as you let us.

Javier has been working on an exciting PoC dApp for Digital Art ownership. A user can register a piece of original art with its metadata on-chain and have proof of ownership utilizing ERC1155. It is super cool – let’s see if we can get him to do an in-depth blog post on his process here and give a more indepth look.

Closing Thoughts:

There is lots going on, lots being built and lots more to do. We are excited to continue to see increased participation and more experts reach out to us daily working on code advancing Hydro.

Do you know anyone looking to get their hands dirty with solidity code? Let us know!

There is not enough room on this update to contain it all but hopefully this is some good insight into what we have been working on the past week.



HCDP & Development Lead

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  1. Chidi Aloysius Eze
    Chidi Aloysius Eze April 11, 2019 at 1:31 pm - Reply

    Am so excited for this piece of information you just shared about the progress of this project! I love this project, keep it up guys, you’re doing a nice job, its awesome 💪👍

  2. James Elijah Braganza Morillo
    James Elijah Braganza Morillo April 14, 2019 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Keep up the great work guys, always here to support!

    • Smith
      Smith April 23, 2019 at 2:17 am - Reply

      Its nice to see steady development and building on top of Hydro, the future is bright

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