>>>Hydro Developer Update: 19/03/19
Hydro Developer Update: 19/03/192019-09-07T06:26:41+00:00

Since our last update, much has taken place from a development standpoint for Hydro – there are three key areas I would like to address today.

Snowflake dApp Store: Development is well underway. The designs have been handed off to the dev team and a number of important tasks are currently taking place. In addition to just the re-skinning, we are also concurrently preparing the code for a production ready environment. This includes anything from code optimizations, to under the hood code tests.

This is important when we are going through the task of a re-skin, we want to make sure there are no breaks in code along the way – so code tests are crucial at this point. When going through this type of exercise, it is also the time to assess and understand which code librarys will be used and which ones will no longer be necessary. Piece by piece the store is coming to life and we will keep you posted on its progress.

HCDP: Since posting and assigning a number of new HCDP tasks about a month ago, we are quickly recieving the deliverables from some of our rockstar community developers. At the same time, we just posted a task for Smart Contract Auditing – No matter how much of a rockstar they are, every Smart Contract that gets developed by the community will have an outside audit to make sure things look up to standards.

In addition to those tasks, we recently posted our task for HAIL, (our Security Tokenization Smart Contract) and just assigned it this week! Development will begin by a dev shop with team members spanning four diferent countries!

General Development: You might have noticed, we have a new website, right? Well we are constantly working on it to tweak things up and get lots of great content on it for all to read, learn and share. This is crucial for SEO, building our brand, and showcasing all the work being accomplished.

Looking to get invloved with the project?

  • Become a developer resource and help us out by some of the following:
    • Writing code / Reviewing code
    • Writing / Assigning HCDP tasks
    • Hang out in our dev Discord channel and talk with other devs
  • Build a dApp for the launch of our dApp Store
  • Apply for one of our HCDP bounties
  • Refer a rockstar developer

Don’t forget we are available to chat on Discord and Telegram.

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