>>>Hydro: Developer Update 25.04.19
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Snowflake & dApp Store

It’s been another busy week of development, with activity crossing many segments in the Project Hydro ecosystem. First off, Snowflake has been moved from testnet to mainnet! After thorough testing of Snowflake on testnet, we decided it was time to move it to mainnet as it has proven itself production ready. With Identity Registry (ERC-1484) already on mainnet, this now completes the Snowflake Protocol.

The dApp Store v1, which is production ready,  is currently still on testnet. The official mainnet debut of the dApp Store, with its new skin, will follow shortly after receiving the testable deliverable at the end of this month – and that will mark the Snowflake phase as finished.

Thanks to Harsh and Javier for getting the Snowflake protocol on mainnet.


Hydro Pay


You may have noticed lots of movement on a few new development projects in Telegram and Twitter, which is exciting! The first is the P2P app coined “HydroPay”. We just received the first Android and iOS versions for testing this week. This contains a phase 1 featureset. The next steps are to gather lots of signups for the app release so you can be the first to know when the app drops. This will be the first ‘product’ released solely under the Hydro name and we are putting a lot of hard work into it. We also have other projects up our sleeves which you will learn more about in the coming updates.


On the HCDP side, we had a new batch of assignments for tasks out to the community developers: A Smart Contract for product ordering worth 4MM Hydro, A Social Media dApp Smart Contract worth 3MM Hydro and a Shopify Raindrop Plugin worth 3MM Hydro. We are currently preparing the next batch for assignment.

On the Hail Security Token side of things, the team has been working on an architecture proposal and has presented it to the development team with some questions. A nice interview was also recently done interviewing Ethernity.live – the agency working on the task.

Regarding Bounty’s paid out under HCDP, we recently wrapped up a handful of Smart Contracts including, Randomized Lottery Dynamics, Invoicing and Gift Cards. The Coupons Smart Contract is currently in development.


We are working on a page on the website where community developers, designers, translators and community all stars can get recognized, with a link to their deliverable on the website. Since we are a decentralized project, contributions can be done all around the globe, even if we are not fully aware. That being said, we have a form to fill out for anyone who has contributed to the project.


If you haven’t checked it out yet Javier has a developer blog post on his Digital Art Ownership dApp. It gets in the weeds of code and we love it. We will be making more of these types of posts in the coming weeks.


Back to building!

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Difference between Utility Tokens vs Security Tokens


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