>>>Hydro is now live on Coinplan
Hydro is now live on Coinplan2019-02-12T14:08:20+00:00

Project Hydro is pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Coinplan.

The agreement means that Hydro is now officially live in the Coinplan Alliance Portfolio, with Coinplan integrating Hydro Raindrop (2FA) in their upcoming latest version release — next week.

This partnership is fantastic for both communities. It provides new investment opportunities for users of the Coinplan platform, whilst ensuring that those same users are safely protected by blockchain-based 2FA.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Coinplan.

About Coinplan

Coinplan is an investment marketplace for cryptocurrency portfolios.

Mission. We aim to promote diversification within the crypto market and automate crypto investing for retail investors.

Coinplan Alliance. With our latest portfolio, the Coinplan Alliance Portfolio, we’re bringing together the most ambitious and hard working blockchain teams/projects. Our goal is not only support the blockchain ecosystem, but also expose investors to the most innovative and up-coming developments.

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