>>>Hydro Labs Community Update: 5th September 2019
Hydro Labs Community Update: 5th September 20192020-05-05T11:36:01+00:00

Hello everybody, its September already and that means (in this part of the world at least) that the summer holidays are over and people are heading back to work. Of course we never stop working and lots has been going on this week for Hydro Labs (and our partners).

Here is a short summary of the things we can tell you about!

Liquid Referral Campaign

Hydro Labs and Liquid (our go-to remittance partner) have decided to improve the rewards campaign by offering everybody the change to win up to 100k HYDRO in referral bonuses. Not only that but we have a number of HYDRO and QASH prizes to be won.

The first 2,000 people participating in the contest who complete KYC using the Hydro link on Liquid are guaranteed 5,000 HYDRO


  • The top five people who refer users win: 100,000 HYDRO each!
  • The top 6–10 referrers win: 50,000 HYDRO each!
  • The top 11–25 referrers win: 15,000 HYDRO each!
  • 10 Random people will win: 1,000 QASH each!
  • Also, 20 random people who refer at least 3 users and follow us on Twitter will win a 25,000 HYDRO bonus!

Check out the link below to get started:

Hydro & Liquid Reward Campaign

Hydro Labs Partner Watch: Hydrogen/Oracle

It was a big week for Hydro Labs partner Hydrogen, as it was announced that their APIs have been added to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Congratulations to the Hydrogen team

“Subscribers can build multiple systems from the firm’s APIs, including its Hydrogen Molecule product, currently in beta testing, which can be used for customer identification, cross-border money transfers, and tokenizing securities. Molecule is built on top of Hydro, which in turn is built on top of ethereum.”-Scott Raspa via CoinDesk

Hydro Labs Enterprise Solutions is the consultancy wing of Hydro Labs and has been created to help enterprises, companies, and governments improve or extend their capabilities by integrating Hydro powered tech into their business.

Hydro Labs Launches Enterprise Solutions | Hydro

Developer Update

Tim gave us a new Developer Update this week. Check it out below:

Developer Update: September 3rd 2019 | Hydro

Community Hangout

The community hangout call is now up on our YouTube page. It is an hour long discussion between the team and community members and well worth a watch.

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