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HCDP & Development Update – July 11th, 2019

Hydro development has been kicked into high gear! We have had a huge amount being worked on across a number of development teams over the past few weeks – so here are some updates.

First off, Hydro Pay (our free payments app for Android and iOS). The team and our fantastic community of beta testers have been working around the clock to tweak and test the latest round of tasks needed to get Hydro Pay out of the door. 

One of the benefits of having a global team, is development work and coordination can happen while others are at rest – and other teams can pick up when it’s time to rotate. That being said, it is extremely important for us to make sure the team is all on the same page to direct development work, manage the days priorities, and deliver the desired requirements. These requirements could come internally, from beta tester feedback, or from the community.

We have been in a very nice cadence of code sprints, daily stand-ups, Trello board updates and marketing plans to fine tune the app and become a well oiled machine. We specifically wanted to give a shout out to all the Hydro Pay beta testers. The team has been giving instructions to the testers with every new APK deliverable – and the excitement and dedication to testing the app is great to see. Mainnet load testing will begin this week to confirm that the issues related to  ETH congestion are now fixed.

Under the hood, Hydro Pay is quite involved even though on the surface can look quite simple. Outside of the code required for the UI design and development, there is quite a bit of logic talking to various things under the surface. Things like smart, dynamic gas price logic so our transactions can be as cost effective as possible, smart contracts to interact with Snowflake (ERC-1484) and the Ethereum blockchain, APIs to give accurate and up to date Hydro prices, tracking systems to tally up user referrals, and application databases to store required transaction data and assets. Outside of just normal features like sending Hydro, there are countless other features that get integrated as well that are completely buried to the end user. Things like input validation, security and vulnerability hardening, code tests, and stress testing, all of which are incredibly important. Giving up any of these could sacrifice quality. 

Beta testing with the community on Hydro Pay has taught us a lot and will continue to – and that is the point. We are also finding that balance of what is vital to integrate vs what can wait, this could mean bringing a v2 feature we had planned into v1, or bringing a v1 feature we had planned into v2.

We are making it the highest priority to focus on ensuring our code is buttoned up, well tested, and can be made to scale across all of our development projects. We greatly appreciate your support along the way to deliver the best product possible. 

Next up is the Hydro dApp Store! We are very excited to say that as of June 30th, beta testing has begun and we are opening up testing to more community participants. With the initial round of tests we gathered some great feedback and will be introducing new enhancements to wallet management and onboarding. On the dApp side of things, we are increasing our workforce to get actual dApps built for people to consume. We are also creating materials for developers so they have all the tools they need to get building. Stay tuned for a live coding session on building your first Hydro dApp.

On the HCDP side, we have Hail (our security token smart contract)! Ethernity.live, the agency working on the task is in its final sprint and we should have a deliverable next week. We are also lining up a 3rd party code audit and testing of the contract. We made partial Hydro payment after the last deliverable and will be sending out another partial payment next week.

On our last update, we talked about how as a decentralized project, it can be challenging to get a full scope of development work actually taking place around the globe – even for us. After hearing feedback from the community, we constructed a page on our HCDP repository outlining every smart contract, plugin and SDK, along with the author name and txn for payment.

We are really excited for what is to come. Our development team is growing and we are building real world utility for Hydro. We also are beginning to realize that not everything can fit in one update so more to come next week. We look forward to chatting with you all in Telegram and Discord to answer any other questions.

Back to building!

Timothy Allard
HCDP & Development Lead
Hydro Labs


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