>>>Hydro Labs Launches Enterprise Solutions
Hydro Labs Launches Enterprise Solutions2019-09-05T11:04:04+00:00

Hydro Labs is proud to announce the launch of Hydro Labs Enterprise Solutions (HLES)! 

The HLES is the consultancy wing of Hydro Labs and has been created to help enterprises, companies, and governments improve or extend their capabilities by integrating Hydro powered tech into their business. 

The remit of the team includes identifying and connecting with companies, liaising with developers, and consulting with the wider Hydro Labs team to tailor the solution to the needs of each individual client. To ensure that the HLES targets those who can benefit most by incorporating Hydro tech into their business model the team will be working closely with the Hydro Labs business development department, the sales team and the wider Hydro community. The team will be rewarding individuals both in the sales team and the community who got leads that successfully get converted. 

For detailed information about the HLES, and how you can get involved as a community member, please visit our website or send us an email at [email protected]

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