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At Hydro Labs we have a duty to ensure that our social media presence has a positive impact on the company and community. We make thousands of impressions on social media every day and need to ensure everything we do paints Hydro Labs in a positive light.

In view of this we have developed a set of social media guidelines for everyone working on the official Hydro accounts, in an official capacity for Hydro or when posting on the internet as a recognised member of the Hydro Labs team.

– Always think first before posting new or potentially sensitive content – if the idea sounds good but you are not 100% certain, consult with a coworker to see if they agree, and if they do then go ahead and post.

– If there is any question about whether the content might be too early to be released, please check with a team leader before posting.

– You can talk to the community about upcoming projects but do not give details about potential partnerships, listings, or features that are unconfirmed before clarifying that it is okay to do so. All Hydro Labs team members have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and are expected to stick to them.

– If you don’t fully understand the tech or proposed features of a product, don’t guess. Make sure you chat with the team to confirm that you are correct before posting. Promising unrealistic, or possibly illegal, features to the community reflects badly on the project.

– If a partnership is being announced, always check the content of any release and agree to a release time/date with the partner in writing before posting

– We are not our partners – do not speak for them (without their explicit permission)

– Respect copyright – if you’re not sure, don’t post it. If you reference something than provide the original link.

– Do not make posts about the price of Hydro or speculate on the price of Hydro.

– Team members must not ‘shill’ Hydro, especially to exchanges. We are a blockchain project building real world solutions, we are not a get rich quick scheme. All exchange matters will be dealt with by the biz-dev team in the proper manner. Remember we have NDAs with many exchanges.

– Be careful who you engage with – there are a lot of scammers and trolls online. If you are unsure, stop engaging and move on. Engaging with non-factual negativity often draws attention to the author. If they persist or are obviously scamming, or creating FUD then ban, block, and report them on that social media channel. Remember that banning is a last resort and should be used responsibly.

– Always be polite to others and act as you would in a professional setting, i.e. don’t use personal insults, ethnic slurs, or obscenity. If you see community members acting this way on social media channels then delete the comments before taking the appropriate steps to warn or remove the offending party.

– Remember you’re posting to a global audience with various values. Respect others and don’t engage in topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory such as religion or politics.

– Think about the consequences of anything you say. Everything a member of Hydro Labs team says can have potential, long lasting, effects and will be remembered by the community – Remember: the internet never forgets!

– If you do make a mistake and say something that is incorrect, own up to it, retract the comment and clarify what the correct answer is.

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