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Hydro Pay and its distinction over cryptocurrency wallets2019-06-17T16:19:30+00:00

Generally, cryptocurrency wallets are designed to serve the function of storing and sending crypto coin/token, although many users encounters a number of challenges while using these wallets.

The challenge many users have faced with cryptocurrency wallets includes fees while sending coins/token. Despite the low fee compared to fiat transfers, the charges on some coin/token are somehow on the high side. Also, quite a number of wallets are not easy to understand and used by individuals who are new to crypto or has no idea what crypto is.

The above, set the distinction between Hydro pay and other cryptocurrency wallets. Compared to other cryptocurrency wallets, Hydro pay is feeless and allows for transfer of Hydro token in Version 1 release without user incurring gas fee. Design of the app has been praised by many beta testers to be simple enough for someone with little or no understanding of cryptocurrency.

During the weekend, we had a grandpa with no understanding of cryptocurrency and tech, download and test the app. Aside from praising the simplicity of the app he could not hide his excitement. More reason we are more than excited to launch the world’s first gasless, feeless crypto p2p App for the entire cryptocurrency and unbanked community to use. Excited as much as we are, sign-up here to get an early access

Hydro Pay: fast, feeless, payments for everyone

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