>>>Hydro Pay and Liquid Exchange Rewards Campaign
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Hydro Pay and Liquid Exchange Rewards Campaign

Earn 5,000 HYDRO in less than 5 minutes!


In order to get started, use this specific referral link to first sign up, which is how we will be able to credit the 5,000 tokens to you after completing KYC: https://www.liquid.com?affiliate=Yuq-IJKY670674

To all of our wonderful Hydro fans, we have teamed up with Liquid and are collaborating on the remittance solution we are building into Hydro Pay for P2P and B2B remittance payments. To celebrate the partnership on this top 5 exchange (according to BTI), we are rewarding each user who completes the KYC process with 5,000 HYDRO tokens credited directly to your Liquid account!**

Completing KYC on Liquid is extremely simple! It only requires 3 steps!

  1. Government-issued ID document (driving license, passport, national ID card or VISA for legal stay).
  2. Proof of address.
  3. Your selfie.

Referral Link: https://www.liquid.com?affiliate=Yuq-IJKY670674

1st document: ID DOCUMENT

Use government issued IDs only – i.e passports, driving license or ID card.

This document must have your photo in it.

Your name on this document must match the first name and surname you have submitted and the name on your proof of address.

We must be able to read your name in Latin alphabet (A, B, C, etc).

Use a single picture file. If the ID is two sided, please submit only the side that has your photo.

Your ID must be current and un-expired.

2nd document: PROOF OF ADDRESS

We accept any bills or documents that are issued by a financial institution, a utility company, a government agency or a judicial authority. These include:

-Credit card statement

-Bank statement

-Electricity bill

-Water/gas bill

-Council tax bill

-Tax letter/bill

The same document used for proof of identity cannot be used for proof of address. Your name on this document must match the legal name first (given) name and family name you have registered on our platform and the name on your ID document.

We must be able to read your address and name in Latin alphabet (A, B, C, etc). If this is not possible, you will need to get your document translated and signed by a notary public.

Finally, the proof of address document must not be older than 3 months. Hand written documents are not accepted.

Some handy tips for ID document and Proof of address

We need clear photos of the whole of the documents (eg an entire unobstructed photo page of your passport, the entire unobstructed surface of your ID, or the entire unobstructed front page of your utility bill).

Make sure that the images are clear and not blurred and there are no reflections or glare.

Take your photos directly above the document while they are on a flat surface.

Don’t obstruct the documents in any way with fingers or thumbs.

Don’t use Photoshop or other editing software; do not alter the documents in any way.

Do not crop the images; try to have margins on all sides.

Use color images only and no lower than 200 DPI.


3rd file: SELFIE

To make sure it’s really you, we need you to take a selfie. Make sure you bring on best selfie game and take a proper picture of your face, and ONLY your face, and not your pet cat (yes, some people actually do that).


Selfie DOs

-Take a selfie to help our system verify your identity using facial recognition.

-Make sure you take a clear, straight-on head shot, with no reflections or shadows, for the tool to work properly.

-Take a color photo.

-Hold your camera steady.

-Wear a shirt! Nobody wants to see you topless.

Selfie DON’Ts

-Wear sunglasses or a hat or anything that can obscure your face.

-Crop the image. Use image editing software.

-Use flash.

-Take your photo with a colored or noisy background.

-Hold a passport or note in the Selfie image, your headshot is sufficient.

I’ve uploaded my documents to Liquid. What happens next?

Once you have submitted your documents, they go for automatic screening, all adhering to the strictest security standards to ensure your data is protected. Cases that don’t get approved right away for one reason or another will be flagged and dealt with manually by our Customer Support team.”

Terms and Conditions:

*The Hydro Labs team is giving away 10,000,000 HYDRO for completion of this task, and once this number is reached, the promotion will end. The Hydro Labs and Liquid team will give further information about when the distribution of the HYDRO tokens will occur.

Hydro Labs may update these Rules at any time. Continued participation in this program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.

All Hydro referral programs may be further subject to Hydro Labs Terms of Use and by taking part in the Campaign you agree to any applicable Terms of Use.

Please note that these Rules are in addition to the Hydro Labs Terms of Use as well as any agreement (if one exists) between you and Hydro Labs.

Reference: https://help.liquid.com/en/articles/2273305-verify-kyc-your-individual-liquid-account

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