>>>Hydro Pay | Solving High Cost of Payments in Philippines
Hydro Pay | Solving High Cost of Payments in Philippines2019-06-19T04:48:43+00:00

Money matters in all parts of the globe, but especially in third world countries where access to things are not taken for granted as they are in other parts of the world. The Philippines is a country that comes to mind, which some of the most beautiful parts of the world for travel but not so fairy tale on things like economic harmony and peace. Inflation is out of control in combination with low paying salaries. This is one reason why so many native Filipinos work overseas or use dominantly use remittance. And ever since the rise of smartphone technology, electronic payments have been a staple to use on a P2P level in a country separated and surrounded by water.

Hydro Pay can solve some of these issues in the area of P2P by making fees significantly cheaper — by being free! With companies like PayPal charging as much as 8% in fees, payments are not only expensive for native Filipinos but also significantly impacts them with the national low salary rate and unregulated inflation. With Hydro Pay, transfers of payments are free and gasless!

Want to know more? Here’s to helping P2P payments affordable for everyone in the world!
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