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Hydro Roadmap 2019

We have lots of new and exciting things in store for the next four months! What do we have in store? Take a look at what each project will do along with what the Hydro token will be used in each one.

TIDE Whitepaper – May 2019

We will be launching our official document in regard to Project Hydro’s payments protocol called TIDE. This is one of the five main protocols that we have projected since our launch and this will give the technical details of how we expect Tide to influence blockchain adoption.

Hydro Pay – May 2019

This ground-breaking app called Hydro Pay is a way to send and receive tokens in a new innovative way. Sending HYDRO with no gas fees is possible with this dApp, and the first one of its kind. This is accomplished by leveraging Hydro’s ERC-1484 identity standard. Future versions will look to add Fiat-HYDRO gateways as well as the ability to swap HYDRO with any ERC-20 token. Send HYDRO to friends and family, or anyone on your mobile contact list to pay for everyday purchases. This app will be available on the iOS Appstore and Google Play store, and as a dApp on the Hydro dApp Store.

Token usage: Sending HYDRO p2p + Fiat-HYDRO onramp once proper licensing is in place

Hydro dApp Store – June 2019

An exciting project is coming as Project Hydro will launch the Hydro dApp Store: a decentralized hub for dApps. This platform will host all decentralized applications built on Hydro Smart Contracts. This dApp store allows developers to deploy financial dApps that solve business needs across investing, savings, insurance, lending, credit, and much more outside financial use cases. V2 of the dAppStore will add user reviews and full-page details for each dApp.

Token Usage: purchase dApps using HYDRO and HYDRO use in dApps

Hydro X – June 2019

This product is a revolutionary app for remittance payments. As of 2018, global remittances are a $600 Billion market. Sending remittances with this dApp will drastically lower fees for cross border payments for P2P and B2B transactions. Future versions of this dApp will look to convert USD, MXN, EUR, INR, SGD, and other global currencies for the lowest fee on the market. A portion of the low fees of the dApp will also be donated to the Hydro Global Charity Initiative. This dApp will be available on the Hydro dApp Store, as well as the iOS Appstore and Google Play stores.

“The global average cost of sending $200 remaining high at 7%. In total, over $30 billion per year are spent on fees alone.”

Token usage: Fees charged in HYDRO

Hydro Vault – July 2019

Hydro Vault is the first wallet with 2FA integrated into the smart contract. This is accomplished through Hydro’s Raindrop authentication protocol. Added phishing protection plus custom security features will make this decentralized wallet the most innovative in the space. Users will be able to store large amounts of crypto-currency protected by advanced security features in the Hydro smart contracts.

Hydro Drive – August 2019

This dApp will allow users to store files securely on or off the blockchain. It will allow users to both sign and time stamp important documents, as well as send them securely. Files will have built in encryption while being tied to an identity through Hydro’s Snowflake smart contracts. This dApp will also provide the lowest fees in the file storage marketplace.  

“A 2012 hack exposed 68 Million Dropbox customer email and password credentials, but the true size of the breach was never revealed until 2016. File sync and share solutions are costing businesses over $450 per user with 64% of companies experiencing unplanned data loss or downtime annually.”

Token Usage: Fees charged in HYDRO

ICE Alpha Testing & HAIL Smart Contact – Summer 2019

We will begin initial testing for ICE which will be leveraged for Hydro Drive along with smart contract development for HAIL which will allow security token offerings through Hydro’s ERC-1484 standard. Details on both to come in a later update.

Hydro Global Charity Initiative – August 2019

A portion of all fees collected from the remittance dApp will be sent to charity causes in the countries the remittances are being sent to. Examples include poverty in Africa or the water crisis in India. Charities will be fully vetted by the Hydro team. Hydro will also look to partner with other regional businesses in the pursuance of this cause.

Hydro Labs Launches Enterprise Solutions

Official Announcement: The Hydro Snowflake dApp Store goes to Mainnet

Developer Update: August 26th 2019


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