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As we conclude the Hydro Article Contest, we would like to continue sharing the fun by introducing Hydro Telegram Contest. It will be Q&A style and the questions will be related to Hydro Labs, Hydrogen and Hydro ecosystem. The questions will range from easy to difficult while some may require guessing, so join us in the main Telegram group chat for a chance to win Hydro tokens.

We will have some rules and T&Cs to be followed in order to prevent any disputes.

1. Prize paid out via telegram @parjar_bot. Learn more about ParJar here.
2. The first one to answer the question correctly wins.
3. Lucky winners will get 1,000 HYDRO for each correct answer.
4. Questions will be randomly asked.
5. The question will be valid until someone correctly answers them.


1. Prize distributed via Telegram ParJar bot as tips. Only 1 winner per question.
2. Hydro Labs is not liable for any loss of funds from withdrawing from the bot.
3. Any disputes would be unanimously decided by the Hydro team. e.g. Claim: My answer appeared first.
4. Contest ends 19th August 2019 23:59 GMT.
4. All rights reserved.

Previous contests

1. Hydro Video Contest winners:

@helliumsonic – 1st placing
@cassey07dayne – 2nd placing
@matamohin – 3rd placing

2. Hydro Article Contest winners are still being tabulated.

Keep up to date with the latest news via our social media accounts:

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    Jm August 12, 2019 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    Please notify me if there is any airdrops or contest i can write articles

    Do you still need ambassador
    I can join you guys

    From Philippines with love

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