>>>Hydro Update: 1/11/19
Hydro Update: 1/11/192019-02-12T13:56:20+00:00

The Hydro team provides updates on Hydrogen’s blockchain and decentralization efforts, including the Hydro API and Hydro smart contracts.

Hi, it’s your favorite blockchain dev checking in. This week at Hydrogen we’ve:

  1. Caught a few small but potent bugs in and put the finishing touches on the Snowflake and Client Raindrop smart contracts (details in the last 5 commits here)
  2. Made some heavy-duty upgrades to the Snowflake dashboard in preparation for a stable release. These include the ability to make an ERC-1484/Snowflake identity powered by the latest deployed (testnet) smart contracts, as well as hotswap ETH for HYDRO and deposit it into your Snowflake! This last feature is powered by Uniswap, a very interesting new DEX.
  3. Been improving the Hydrogen API to ensure that our next app upgrade goes as smoothly as possible. This also includes work being done for our KYC launch product.
  4. Working on some developer documentation for Snowflake, to ensure that the process of building a Resolver is as accessible as possible. Now that the smart contracts and dashboard are stable, we’ll be ramping up our outreach efforts on this front very soon, so stay tuned!

That’s it for now!

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