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Historically, the job of securing your most valuable assets has always been entrusted  to “others” who appear to have more expertise in keeping things safe…

History has also proven that these experts often fail!

Now is the time to take crypto security into your own hands! – That is why we are pleased to welcome Vault to our growing set of products!

Vault’s vision is to become the worlds  most advanced secure storage for digital assets.

We do this by implementing security mechanisms that always ensure your crypto assets are protected by multiple layers of validation, including Hydro’s state of the art, blockchain based, 2-Factor Authentication solution. Whats more, the highly customizable Vault security configuration means users can make changes according to their own needs and required level of security.

Vault is a simple to use, non-custodial wallet that goes beyond regular wallet functionalities. It provides both historical and real time information that lets you track how your investments are doing. Additionally it offers a number of features to enhance the experience for every type of user, without compromising security.

The initial launch of Vault will focus on Hydro products (easily transfer funds between Hydro Pay and Vault) and then move on to top quality ERC-20 tokens, as well as Bitcoin. Hydro Vault will also have a strong emphasis on the rapid integration of other important products in the crypto-sphere moving forward.

We hope you find this small look at this product as exciting as we do!

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