>>>Introducing New Hydro Partner – Latitude
Introducing New Hydro Partner – Latitude2019-03-09T15:48:54+00:00

We are delighted to announce new Hydro partner – Latitude Blockchain Services! Latitude is a full-scale blockchain service for startups and businesses. It brings a materialized vision to give companies the professional quality services needed to get started in the frontier of blockchain technology.

Latitude Blockchain Services will take full advantage of Raindrop – Hydro’s signature two-factor authenticator based on blockchain technology for their dashboard. In addition, Latitude will be the first company to take advantage of the Hydro Community Affiliate Program (HCAP)! This is huge news for bringing the quality and specifically security of blockchain technology to businesses all over the world.

We believe in creating a future where security coupled with blockchain technology is welcomed and managed well. To sum up, we are excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing the fruits of what Latitude can do with Hydro.

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