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For the past couple weeks, we have been working on a pretty interesting utility for Hydro – and it’s what we call the Hydro Events Marketplace. Let’s face it, events are happening all around us, every day across the globe – why not create a way to have Hydro power your next night out? 

The Hydro Events Marketplace is dApp that you can go to sell tickets – or find listings for your next hackathon, local farmers market, conference or school fundraiser. In just a few clicks, you can start selling tickets to your own event – or attend one!

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

The primary goal of this dApp is to make it as easy as possible to create an event or buy a ticket in Hydro. Right off the top we can eliminate a few steps by the use of Hydro Snowflake. Having a user Snowflake allows your tickets to follow you around where ever you go, all tied to your ecosystem identity.

Creating events is super simple. It has some important but pretty standard fields like the events location, time, place and category. As you start typing in the fields, an event preview starts to take shape showing you exactly what your event ticket will look like.

You can choose between the event being FREE, or paid in HYDRO. Free events are useful because it can get people familiar with the dApp even if they are not familiar with Hydro. Another key feature is having a ticket quantity. Maybe you want to go exclusive and only allow 10 tickets? Or maybe it’s infinite because it is a ticket to an online event.

Once your event has been created, it’s instantly live in the marketplace. We use IPFS to quickly send off and store the event image and its data.

Remember that category the event was assigned to? Well that powers the front end in a few ways – each text box field above is a datapoint we can use to slice and dice the events to allow users to browse whats hot in the marketplace.

We have a few different ways to creatively inspire you. We have a popular section, which might be curated by us, or driven by trending topics. We also did a lot of research with some other event services out there so the names of categories might or might not be familiar.

Let’s say you were browsing and you came across this gem – for only 5,000,000 Hydro you and 49 others could be one of the first to get behind the wheel of a Cyber Truck! Pretty snazzy right? (just wanted to point out, this is not an actual event, but totally should be.)

The screenshot above, also shows some administrative tools for an event owner to check if a user has purchased a ticket, with the ability to scan a barcode. We can also stand up a landing page for certain locales, so be on the look out.

In its current phase, we are close to testnet, which will allow others to play around with it online, we would then soon after move it into live mainnet. For others interested in getting into the weeds of how a dApp like this can be created for Hydro – and ways to inspire you to not reinvent the wheel – I will be doing a live code walkthrough in the coming weeks.

If a video demo is more your style, check out the embed below. Keep in mind this video was recorded a week ago. The screenshots above are from this week. Nice progress 🙂

Special thanks to the continued collaboration with TheMartian.

Please let us know your feedback and hope you like it’s sneak peek. Lots more to come.

Tim Allard

CTO Hydro Labs

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