>>>P2P Payment | How Hydro Pay is Disrupting this Trillion Dollar Market
P2P Payment | How Hydro Pay is Disrupting this Trillion Dollar Market2019-07-05T12:37:32+00:00

As the buzz around the global value of p2P payments grows, so does the number of companies and projects seeking to develop new peer-to-peer (p2p) platforms, with each racing to bring forward the latest in design and functionality.

Some of the major issues that have slowed down the wide scale adoption of p2p payment apps is that many operate in restricted geographical locations, while others require a bank account to operate. Similarly, another factor limiting  p2p payment applications making a foothold is the cost of transaction charges incurred while using these apps.

Identifying and fixing the challenges of faced by p2p payments applications has proved a difficult case to solve, however Hydro Labs are soon to launch Hydro Pay, the world’s first gasless, feeless crypto p2p app built on ethereum. The app will be on course to achieve global usage by penetrating every geographical location, social, and educational demographic, as well as the worlds banked and unbanked populations.

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