>>>Project Hydro: ABCC listing cancelled
Project Hydro: ABCC listing cancelled2020-05-05T11:40:06+00:00

It is with the utmost regret that the Project Hydro team have decided to pull the proposed HYDRO listing at cryptocurrency exchange ABCC.

We are working to ensure that everyone who deposited HYDRO at the exchange will be full refunded their HYDRO at no cost to them.

Moving the goalposts

Over the past ~3 months we have constantly had the goalposts moved with respect to this listing. Most recently we have been told that although the KYC number was not reached the community would not be able to withdraw their HYDRO; instead you would be given ABCCs native AT token in exchange.

Rather than let down our community and leave them with AT tokens, we offered to pay all gas costs associated with withdrawing HYDRO from the ABCC platform. However, we have still not had a response from ABCC to arrange this and they have now opened HYDRO withdrawals at a cost of 720 HYDRO to the user.

We will continue to ask ABCC to accept our offer to pay the gas costs so withdrawals can be made free for the user.

Raindrop and Snowflake

To add to the already difficult situation we were informed informed by ABCC at the start of the year that, despite our agreement, they have no intention of integrating Raindrop or Snowflake.

We have tried time and time again to get them to confirm the agreement to no avail.

Cutting ties

The manner in which ABCC have acted towards our community and the project throughout this whole process is unacceptable. Our top priority is to protect our community, and our project, and a listing at ABCC puts both of those things at risk.

As such we made the difficult decision to cut ties with ABCC for the foreseeable future.


We have always been open in our decision making and exchange listings are no different. We understand that the community would like to see more exchanges, and we are working on it, however we hope you understand our reasons for taking this decision.

Hydro is now live on Coinplan

Developer Update: September 23rd 2019

Project Hydro Update: 16th January 2020

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