>>>Project Hydro Developer Update: December 9th 2019
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Happy December to the Hydro community! Lots of protocol and ecosystem development has taken place since we last went into the weeds so let’s jump right in.

Each Hydro protocol plays an important role in ecosystem development. It lays a solid foundation for any developer, agency or organization to build powerful DeFi tools on Hydro.

First off, let’s take a look at the protocol roadmap as there are some important updates to highlight.

  • – Snowflake dApp Store mainnet has a bump from 80% -> 90%
  • – ICE white paper has a bump from 75% -> 100%
  • – ICE testnet contract has a bump from 50% -> 100%
  • – Tide first 3rd party iOS app beta has a bump from 90% -> 100%
  • – Tide invoicing contract, giftcard interest smart contracts have a bump from 75% -> 100%

Hydro is moving closer to all 100%’s and that is nice to see for sure. Lots of teamwork and collaboration both internally and externally in the community.

We also have a big announcement regarding our protocol roadmap which will be revealed tomorrow!

Next up is the Snowflake dApp Store. If you follow our Twitter or Telegram, you might be familiar with all of the recent 3rd party partners we have been building relationships with, for top of the line developer resources. Each partner is strategically chosen to give developers a wide variety of integration options. It is used to inspire, not reinvent the wheel, and get a developers dApp out the door in an efficient manner. Take a look below at what we have been doing.

Regarding the status of its development, we are finalizing some due diligence and a code review for breaking changes MetaMask is pushing out the door early year. We want to make sure we are buttoned up and in working order for mainnet. We are looking to get the dApp store to mainnet before end of this year (so within a couple weeks).

“At MetaMask, we only break APIs as a last resort. Since we first launched our inpage provider API, we have generally only added features. Some of those features were added before standards and conventions were fully established. Unfortunately, some of them are incompatible with standards we are adopting, and maintaining them has become too costly for us. They have to go.”

At the end of the day, this will simplify the way MetaMask works and connects with the Hydro dApp store so it will be positive adjustment for all.

Remember, the Snowflake dApp Store is 100% open source. Development resources and enhancements come from the community and are funded by the HCDP program. If you are interested in collaborating on development of the store itself, building a dApp of your own let us know.

Did I mention that you can monetize your own dApp? Yes, that is right, you can control the amount of hydro that a user pays to use your creation so get building.

Don’t forget, all of our Hydro protocols are completely open-source and audited. They can be found on our community Github if you are interested in picking them apart, go for it!

Ecosystem Development

Hydro Labs

First up is Hydro Vault, the next-gen crypto storage solution from Hydro Labs. Lots of moving parts here, but let’s start with how much of this product is taking shape. The team has been crushing it.  They have multiple standups a week for all our products and the developers look forward to this one every single time.

Each week the team are handed off a new piece of UI or functionality to look at and seeing the evolution of the product come to life is truly exciting. At this point in time a user can do things like:

  • – Register an account with email confirmation
  • – Choose a 2FA solution of choice
  • – Add multiple Vaults to a users dashboard
  • – Run transactions both in and out of a users vault
  • – View transaction history
  • – …And a laundry list of other interactions and functions.

Remember, Vault is unlike other crypto storage solutions out there and allows the user to control multiple aspects of how secure their crypto is and what mechanisms are used to secure said assets.

Aside from what the user sees and interacts with up front, much has been done on the Dev Ops side of things regarding security, scalability, load balancing and code deployments.

A click-around style demo will be released so you can see its core functionalities in action – but in the mean time…

The team have stood up a landing page for Vault on the Hydro Labs website for anyone wanting to get early access. If you have not already, fill out the form at the bottom of the product landing page so you can be one of the first to get access and hear more about its progress.

Rumor: Will later versions bring incentives to hold crypto? 

Hydro Vault is on track for a release in Q1 of 2020.

Hydro Pay, the permission-less, gas-less P2P payments app with built with Hydro Labs integration partner, OmiseGO Network, can be broken into two parts. A general Hydro Pay app update and the partner integration.

The Hydro Pay app will have the following changelog for both iOS and Android:

  • – Access to a users private key (it can now be viewed and copied)
  • – Auto-Topup (a production topup server has been stood up to handle requests)
  • – UDID Recovery (the ability to recover your wallet based on device UDID)
  • – Withdraw Functionality (the ability to withdraw Hydro)
  • – Copy updates throughout the app (we updated/removed some text)
  • – Other minor bugs and enhancements (typical optimizing and refining tasks)

The app is undergoing final testing and preparations for submission to the Google Play and Apple stores.

Regarding the partner integration, the team have moved into the testing phase. Developers have implemented all core functions for sending and receiving Hydro utilizing the OmiseGo Network for faster and more cost effective transactions. This truly is a collaboration between teams that span the globe and look forward to its mainnet release.

In addition to the following updates, they are also working on a backlog of some high priority enhancements and feature sets both enhancing the security for the user and extending its functionality.

Below is an in-app modal of the new option to top-up or withdraw your balance.

Below is a screenshot of an in-app modal of the success dialog for withdrawing a Hydro balance to a connected Ethereum wallet.

Below is a screenshot from user testing sent by one of the Hydro Labs developers transferring Hydro tokens over the OmiseGO Network.

Below is a confirmation txn on the OmiseGo Test Network (Pre-Lumphini) showing a successful transfer EIN << to >> EIN.

Hydro Drive, the decentralized file storage solution from Hydro Labs has completed its architecture design and is undergoing next steps with developers and PMs. The drive product is comprised of a few tools working together to handle user and provider verifications. If you are not currently familiar with Drive you will be soon. We will be sure to send some screenshots and keep you in the loop as soon as the time is right, I promise.


The Hydrogen team have been hard at work on their Hydro powered Molecule Platform and recently gave a live showcase of Molecule in action. We look forward to learning more about its development and evolution.

The Hydro Community

In some community news, community developer TheMartian, built Hydro Frost, a block explorer specifically for Hydro and Snowflake transactions. We encourage you all to check it out.

A few months ago, we put together a visualization of what Github code activity looks like for an open-source project – and got a ton of great feedback. We will put another one together summing up the year of 2019. If you have not seen the current one, please check it out.

The article: Visualizing A Decentralized Blockchain Projects Code Activity

Last but not least, a little Hydro developer fun. We put together a little crossword puzzle for all things Hydro and Hydro Labs. See if you are a true hydro fan, no sharing answers! 😀

That just about sums it up for now. Kudos to the team for hitting some great milestones. We truly believe in the protocols and products we are creating. What you see above crosses all Project Hydro and Hydro Labs departments and extends into the community. This should give some insight into what we have been building, potentially inspires you to learn more about what we are doing or even get your hands dirty to build on Hydro – we have many resources to get you going. We look forward to chatting on Telegram and Discord.

Timothy Allard
CTO Hydro Labs

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