>>>Project Hydro Update: 16th January 2020
Project Hydro Update: 16th January 20202020-01-16T14:38:55+00:00

We are now in 2020 and it’s been a busy start to the year for both Project Hydro and our ecosystem developers.

Lets get straight to business:

dApp Store is live on Mainnet

Just this week we announced that the Hydro dApp Store has gone live on Mainnet. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past year, so a big thanks must go to our developer team and everyone that helped them.

Hail is live on Mainnet

Late last year we announced that Hail, our tokenisation protocol was now live on mainnet. Thanks to the Ethernity.live team and everyone else involved.

Events dApp Teaser

Our CTO Tim never stops and surprised us all when he suddenly announced that he had built an events dApp.

Working much like eventbrite and other services, but without the fees, this is a fantastic dApp that we can’t wait to see hit the store


The team took part in a very successful AMA last week with @theblockcircle— if you missed it there was some great info on the project and the ecosystem. We recommend that you check it out:

Ecosystem News

Hydro Labs partner with Republic Advisory Services

The year started with a bang for Project Hydro ecosystem developer Hydro Labs, as they announced a partnership with Republic Advisory Services.

This a big positive the ecosystem as a whole.

You can read more on the Hydro Labs website:

Hydrogen Report

Hydrogen recently released a new report BaaS to the Future: The Rise of Banking as a Service (BaaS) in Fintech.

Get your copy here:


One of our great community members if doing a fantastic giveaway. Why not join in and see if you get lucky.

A big thanks to Johnny Ƀit

If you want to chat you can find the team via one of our social channels:

Hydro & Herbalist Token Partnership

HYDRO VS Dash and Bitcoin

Developer Update: October 2nd 2019

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