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Strategic Partnership between Hydro & Horizon State2019-02-12T14:13:16+00:00

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Horizon State, a global leader in community engagement and decision-making that uses Blockchain-secured technology to drive organisations forward.

This partnership has the ability to empower our community with decision-making tools and enhance the transparency within the Hydro decentralized ecosystem, allowing anyone to view decisions, votes & results on-chain, anytime.

Here is more about Horizon State:

“Built with enterprise, community groups and local government in mind, Horizon State provides a set of surveying and polling tools to capture collective opinions and distill them into actionable insights. We believe open dialogue is the foundation of an empowered community. To inform better collective decision making, our platform supports, connects and values every voice with integrity.

Using Blockchain technology and a dynamic architecture that enables transparency and security, the platform focuses on delivering in three core areas: considered deliberation of decisions, effective mobilization of communities, and facilitation of secure voting. By putting these powerful tools into the hands of communities all over the world, we are making every voice count on a global scale.”

Over the last fortnight the Hydro Decentralization Ambassadors have been using the Horizon State platform to run an Officers election, and will continue to use the system over the following months for decision making within the DA Program.

“Hydro is a very rare project in the crypto sphere. It aims high but is exactly the kind of project that can aid in crypto’s adoption by showing real value. Hydro’s method of governance fits very well with Horizon State’s platform offering and we are very honored they selected us to run those votes and look forward to an ongoing strategic partnership.” Nimo Naamani — CTO, Horizon State.

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