>>>The Hydro Community has rebranded to Project Hydro!
The Hydro Community has rebranded to Project Hydro!2019-02-12T16:03:47+00:00

This is a copy of an article featured on Medium.com/HydroCommunity as we move over to to a new home — all previous stories can be found on the HydroCommunity pages.

Hello everyone, as you know our community is important to us, and we want to be as transparent as we can about everything we do.

You may have just noticed a few changes to the Hydro Community accounts. Please don’t panic! It’s all to do with decentralisation and building a clear identity for Project Hydro.

Hydrogen is now handing the entire project over to Project Hydro, which is made up of the Decentralisation Ambassadors (DAs), with input from the the core Hydro Protocol Team. As this handover takes place, we need to create a clear identity for Project Hydro and the Hydro Community.

Since the Hydro Community GitHub was created back in August it has grown into something above and beyond it’s original purpose. It is no longer just the home of community brainstorming, but is now the official repository for the HCDP.

It’s not that the original purpose has gone — it hasn’t — it’s just evolved. We will always need community ideas and suggestions on GitHub, telegram, & reddit, we still need the developer community to complete HCDP tasks, and we still need community members to join the DA program.

We just need to make everything official and part of that means Hydro Community evolving and becoming Project Hydro.

We hope you understand.

What does this mean for all the accounts?

All of the Hydro accounts have now changed as follows!

GitHub: HydroCommunity has become Project Hydro (github.com/HydroBlockchain)

Twitter: Hydro Community (@HydroCommunity) has become Project Hydro (@HydroBlockchain)

Telegram: Remains unchanged.

Reddit: Remains as Project Hydro

Medium: HydroCommunity will become Project-Hydro

We are also losing the happy Hydro Community logo and moving over to the official Hydro logo.

Hydro: Developer Update 25.04.19

Developer Update: September 9th 2019

Hydro Community Update: 14.08.19

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