>>>The Hydro Community Update: 10.05.19
The Hydro Community Update: 10.05.192019-05-10T16:01:16+00:00

We hope that you had an amazing week so far! The month of May has already proved to be busy, with major progress updates, some minor setbacks, and exchange listings! Let’s take a look at our newest Community Update!

Hydro Pay – Did You Try Turning it Off and On Again?

Monday was quite the drawback when we tweeted out sign-ups for our Hydro Pay app. The good news was we received a huge influx in traffic. The bad news: the traffic overloaded the server we were using, making signups no longer available. Looking at our analytics, we received over 1.5 million requests! Hydro Pay seems to be a fan favorite so far, but because of the server overload, we needed to make a change for referrals. Sign ups and referrals will now be issued when the app is available for download and given a unique code as a beta tester. Anyone that has submitted info for signups have still been recorded and will be issued during app download instead.

Hydro Pay is a unique way to send and receive Hydro with features including feeless transfers, fast transaction times, and mobile focused!

Hydro Beta Testing sign ups are now available: https://projecthydro.org/hydro-pay-beta

TIDE Whitepaper Is Here!
Last Friday we released our first edition of the TIDE Whitepaper which is now available to read in full. A future small update is expected this month for some small organizational improvements. TIDE is the next big Phase in our lineup and focuses primarily how payments will be integrated into the Hydro protocol. Two of our biggest features on the product side of TIDE is the reveal of Hydro Pay and also the upcoming arrival of Hydro X, which is our dedicated app for worldwide remittance payments. Remittances are a huge sector of international payments and Hydro X would allow users to have a much better alternative to sending money overseas.

Hydro Roadmap Reminder
If you haven’t already seen our Summer 2019 Roadmap, check it out here. Our roadmap covers everything from Hydro Pay, Hydro X, our dApp Store Launch, when we start our Alpha Testing for ICE, and other projects like Hydro Vault. We are very excited for the next four months to rollout our projects for the Hydro Community!

Fidex Exchange Listing
Last week, Fidex announced the exchange listing for Hydro-ETH which can be found here. We are always excited to see Hydro available in more places and available to everyone.

Hydrogen released a great article on how to use the Raindrop Client without using the HydrogenAPI. This is a great alternative if you prefer to use a different path to accessing Raindrop or if the API isn’t available for you in a specific area or network.

Joseph released an article based on an inside look at what Project Hydro looks like and why it’s modeled after the aspect of decentralization. You can find that article here.

If you love a challenge and are passionate about the Hydro and cryptocurrency ecosystem, then you would fit right in on our team! Hydro is currently looking for people from all over the world to help us expand our presence even further. Just select a job that fits you and apply: https://projecthydro.org/careers/

Keep up to date with the latest news via our social media accounts:
Telegram: https://t.me/projecthydro
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydroBlockchain
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecthydro
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/SbW5Feg

Hydro dApp Store Update: 25.11.19

Hydro App Sneak Peek Announcement

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