>>>VAULT: Hydro Labs Update!
VAULT: Hydro Labs Update!2019-10-11T13:08:41+00:00

The Hydro Labs team have exciting news to share about the progress being made with the development of Vault!

As the team continue to build the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency wallet, they are fine-tuning this product to make sure the end result is robust, reliable, and easy to use!

The latest features being added are:

  • Choose your favorite security mechanism – Raindrop 2FA (top tier smart contract security) or Google Authy (mid tier TOTP security)
  • Multiple Vaults per user – Take advantage of this feature so you can create Vaults with different configurations and multiple members.

This will help you keep your finances safe and well structured according to your needs

The team have also simplified things – you will never need metamask or any other third party wallet to access your Vault – only your web browser

Also, forget about following new and complex Username and password creation rules – login with your email and Vault will take care of the rest!

Hydro Labs will keep you updated as they continue working on the underlying infrastructure – your assets are safe with Vault!

Hydro Labs partners with OmiseGO


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