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X is coming to Hydro Pay!2019-09-07T06:25:32+00:00

After much internal discussion, we have decided to add the functionality of Hydro X to Hydro Pay. We believe an app capable of sending both crypto and fiat remittances will be a game changer for the space and the HYDRO token.

Remittance fees will be charged in HYDRO driving usage of the token, while users of the app will be able to send money abroad with the lowest fees on the planet. This is made possible by our upcoming integration with a money services business partner. More on this partnership to come in the following weeks.

Users of the X functionality will also need to go through a KYC process as almost all countries require these checks in their regulations. The Hydro Pay app will still look the same through onboarding and sending funds, however it will have an X tab on the main screen for users to proceed with the KYC process to send fiat remittances across borders. 

Our BizDev team has already been lining up corporate clients who are interested in our B2B remittances when the product is ready. Development on the integration with our MSB partner has begun this week and is expected to continue over the next few weeks before internal testing begins. 

Also, our new product roadmap page has been designed and will be integrated into our website next week. We have done away with specific dates and will instead update everyone weekly on the progress of each application. Milestone markers will be published on this page as well.

We are also releasing a new Hydro Pay landing page and a new homepage focusing on our upcoming products so stay tuned!


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